Steve (mroctober) wrote,

By some strange operation of magic I seem to have become the power of the land...

The subject line is a quote from George McClellan during the American Civil War.

More Americans were killed during the years 1861–1865 than any other date in history. Men shattered, women lost, families broken. In Shades of Blue & Gray, editor Steve Berman offers readers tales of the supernatural, ghost stories that range from the haunts of the battlefield to revenants on the long march home. Yank. Rebel. Both find themselves at odds both in flesh and spirit.

To be published by Prime Books in 2013.

I'm seeking ghost or revenant stories rather than hungry dead tales. So no zombies. You certainly do not have to be American to submit. And the stories do not have to take place during the 19th century but the Civil War (the battles, slavery, etc) must be essential elements.

No word limit. Reprints are fine. Payment for them starts at $25 or 1 cent a word, whichever is greater. Original tales, any length, also are fine. $100 or at least 3 cents a word. Payment is upon publication.

Send queries and/or submissions to Deadline is July.
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