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March 16th, 2010

A pleasant but tiring morning...

My cell phone chirped this morning at around 5:30 a.m. I awoke. Daulton decided that instead of checking the email alert I should feed him breakfast. As he had his stinky nom!nom! I saw the Lambda Literary Foundation had released the list of finalists.

Lethe has, once again, a book in the running for Best LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror (why, if other genres are broken down by gender is this category not also?):

Pumpkin Teeth by Tom Cardamine. Sweet! I met Tom at a Velvet Mafia reading. It was the first time he had ever given a reading and his story about a faun seeking his first sexual experience in the woods captivated me. I offered to buy the short short story on the spot for So Fey. And I did. Tom's continued to amaze me with his dedication to queer speculative fiction... he just adores the field, consuming and producing so many words.

Pumpkin Teeth


We also have a novel about reincarnating weather witches, Dan Stone's The Rest of Our Lives. This is a great gay paranormal romance. I was smart to submit it to the Best Gay Romance category--I knew who the Best LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror judges were and guessed their tastes. This is Dan's first book and he's so excited about being a finalist. Toby Johnson brought Dan to Lethe.

The Rest of Our Lives


Then there's our third title in the running. This is an excellent book of poetry, The First Risk by Charles Jensen. We did something different with this book--instead of our normal format, we went 8.5x8.5 square with glossy pages. It turned out waaaay expensive but the end result is snazzy.

The First Risk


So not a bad showing for a small press! I'm thrilled for all three guys. The competition in each category is fierce--lots of well-known and talented people.(congrats to them!) Daulton has been accepting wagers...

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